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La Libreria Acqua Alta

Love everything books, Italy and Venice? Then let me introduce you to one of the best bookshops I have ever been to; La Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice.

With the sign outside claiming to be The most beautiful bookshop in the world, you only have to take one step inside to see why..

IMG_4213 (2)

Tucked away in one of the many alleyways in the labyrinth that is Venice, you’d be forgiven for spending days in Venice and not finding it. I did just that a couple of years ago so this time I was determined to find it. Armed with directions from a friend and Google Maps, we wound our way through backstreet after backstreet until we finally found it, tucked away in a corner of the island, so well hidden it almost seems like it doesn’t want to be found! It’s clearly quite a well-kept secret as we came from the heaving crowds of Venice to an almost empty bookshop – empty in terms of people, in book terms it was bursting to the brim!


The books, both new and second-hand, are stored in gondolas, rowing boats and bath tubs due to the high water (Acqua Alta) that Venice is prone to suffering. In other words, when it floods the books don’t get ruined. Pretty good idea really.



Out the back they have a staircase made out of old books too, climb up and you’re right on the canal.



…and here’s the wonderful view;

FullSizeRender - Copy

Beats Waterstones. Oh, and that’s another bucket list item ticked off!


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