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Pasta-making in Perugia

Eight whole months into my year in Italy and I finally learned how to make pasta!!

Having been taking cooking classes herself, Ellie promised me the next time I went to visit she would teach me all she knew in the art of making pasta from scratch. So last Friday morning we were up bright and early making ravioli ai spinaci e ricotta ready for lunch.

You can find the recipe we followed here.

This is what you need...

This is what you need…

All in all it was a lot simpler than I had first thought; it is literally flour, an egg and a bit of elbow grease et voila – pasta! Making the mix itself was easy, but when it came to rolling it out and making the little parcels, it got a little more tricky.

However, I think we were very pleased with our attempts – here’s the finished product. Homemade Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with a butter and sage sauce. Not bad for a first attempt…


Lunch on the terrace anyone?!


(photos nearly all courtesy of Ellie, grazie)


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