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Walking and Wine-Tasting in Umbria


Last weekend making pasta from scratch wasn’t the only thinking I managed to tick off the bucket list; after indulging in our homemade ravioli we caught the bus about half an hour out of Perugia, into the rolling hills of Umbria, and found ourselves at a the Lungarotti winery in Torgiano. After getting suitably lost somewhere in between the bus stop and the winery we finally rocked up, twenty minutes late but this is Italy so we were pretty much perfectly on time.

We were shown around the whole place with our personal tour guide Lorenzo, who took us on the journey the grapes take, starting in the vineyard and ending up in the bottle. The tour was so informative and interesting and although there were some long wine-related words maybe we didn’t quite catch, not being huge wine experts I’m unsure as to whether we would have understood them had the tour been in English. We smiled and nodded, understanding the gist if we didn’t understand every single word. We asked all the right questions in all the right places though so something must have been going in!

After the tour it was time for the best bit, the degustazione, time to try the wines! We tried three of their wines: Torre di Giano, Vigna il Pino, Vigna Monticchio – two white and one red, each delicious I must say but steadily going up in price from 6 euros to thirty euros a bottle.



Oh and how convenient that the one we genuinely liked most was the 6 euro bottle. This is the result…


It’s fair to say they did well from us that day! If you ever happen to be in the area and are interested in wine, be that the tour or just the tasting, I would highly recommend this place. It all comes at a very reasonable price as well.

Suitably stuffed with lots of pasta and wine, all in one day (Oh Italy) we decided we were probably in need of some good ol’ fresh air and exercise, we hopped on the train to Spello, a little town outside of Perugia, and walked the path from Spello to Assisi. Armed with a good picnic, great company and the prospect of an ice cream at the end, it was all fun and games and after the early morning showers the sun even managed to come and say hello.


A beautiful weekend, thanks Ells!!


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