About Me

A self-confessed University of Exeter languages geek (Spanish and Italian being the languages of choice, with the occasional splash of French thrown in for good measure) with an admittedly unhealthy obsession for black coffee, banoffee pie and Beyoncé.

Harriet (obviously)
HB (for when Harriet is too many syllables)
Haz (for when your syllable count is feeling super lazy)
Harrietita (for when your syllable count is going crazy and you feel the need to add in some extras)

…and obviously any variation on the above options that our dear neighbours on the continent seem to always have trouble pronouncing.

I have never properly blogged before as there really hasn’t been anything in my life worth blogging about thus far, however I reckon this next year might be maybe just a little bit blog-worthy. Come August 2014, just two years after my first EVER Italian lesson, I’ll be heading to the airport with a one-way ticket to Italy with the desperate hope of one day mastering the Italian language.

So the purpose of this blog is mainly so my Mum and Dad know I’m still alive, and then after that it’s for anyone else who may be interested in the trials and tribulations that my new found Italian life has to offer.

Un bacio,

HB x




2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m so pleased to see you’ve started up a blog Harriet! I do wish I’d had one during my Year Abroad, and I shall be keeping my eye on yours to see what you get upto!

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