Exeter goes global!

A lot of my friends are embarking on the year abroad as well this year, and a few of them have decided to blog their way through the ups and downs of life away from our beloved Exeter. Have yourself a little read, go on!.

–  Ellie (from Year Abroad Bucket List) is spending the summer interning in Fontainbleu, just outside of Paris, before moving onto Umbria, Italy, to teach for the year with The British Council. Follow along on her blog; My Bella Travels.

– Spanish and History student and summer in Spain travel pal Daphne will be spending her year abroad teaching English with the British Council in the Balearic Islands. A year long beach holiday? Find out here…La Buena Vida.

Olivia is currently interning in Madrid until December, before hopping on a plane to Italy to spend the second half of her year studying in Forli, Italy. Keep up to date at Olivia’s Life in the Sun

Katy is spending the summer in Gräfenberg, Germany before heading to Italy to study for the year in Padova. Her blog is ingeniously named KatNav Lost Abroad, have a peek!

This is basically because I like to be nosy and see what other people are up to too. If you’ve got one, please send it to me! I’d love to read it and pop you on the list.


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