Magic and Pasta

The idea behind the name…

When naming this blog, I didn’t really feel like my limited experience in Italy (which currently totals at less than two whole weeks!) was enough for me to fairly make some sweeping statement about the country. I had considered the generic “Harriet does Italy” or “Ciao Italia!”, and at my lowest came the name “Memoirs of a British Council Reject” (yes, this happened) but I was soon dissuaded as starting this year on such a pessimistic note is not exactly a sign of good things to come.

After much deliberation I decided to do what everyone does when they can’t find words of their own….borrow someone else’s. In this instance I refer to the super famous Italian film director, Federico Fellini, probably most famous for directing the majestic La Dolce Vita – the one where Anita Eckberg prances around in the Trevi Fountain in a very Marilyn Monroe esque fashion, like so;


Fellini once famously said that la vita è una combinazione di magia e pasta” (life is a combination of magic and pasta), and given his native Italian status, I think he is in a much better position to make such statements than I am – a wannabe linguist with a currently very limited experience of la dolce vita italiana. I have no idea how true this statement is but I just thought it was a pretty good place to start; I like magic and I like pasta, what could go wrong? …famous last words? Watch this space!


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