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Ferrara / Italy / Language

Battling Against the Italian University System

When I arrived in August I vividly remember the cries and moans of fellow Erasmus friends, complaining about Italian/Spanish/French university systems, or perhaps more fittingly, lack of. Learning agreements, paperwork, module enrollment, queuing up outside offices, I sat smugly at my office desk knowing that none of this applied to me…yet. Fast forward six months … Continue reading

Italy / Modena

Why having my internet cut was simultaneously the best and worst thing that could have happened to me

Yes, shock horror, I have been without mobile data since 2014. Breathe. Let that sink in. How, I hear you cry, does one survive without internet connection at all times in technology obsessed 2015?? Well, I had no choice so techno-free January became a thing. Okay, so not completely techno-free, I am still graced with … Continue reading